Welcome to the Westchester High School

Wranglerette Drill Team Website

This site has been established by the Westchester Alumni Association for use by Westchester Wranglerettes 1968 -1985.  The site is administered by Pamela Mudd Conlan with assistance from a mystery player.  If you have any pictures or other memorabilia you wish to place on the site please contact Pam directly.    



Westchester Alumni Website Guidance 

The WAA site and the individual Class Sites/Wranglerette site offer very good opportunities that can not be duplicated by one another. Our goal is for the WAA site to be the “Umbrella’ site for Westchester.  Each class/organization may have their own individual site and do their own thing. To do this the WAA will provide guidance and assistance to the individual classes as requested by the individual Class.  We hope this will allow us to maintain the stated goals of the Westchester Alumni Association in the most accommodating fashion.  The desire is that all personal information (address, email, etc.) be maintianed on the Westchester Alumni Association Inc. main web site to allow for easier sharing of information across classes.